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Digital marketing strategies for Auto dealers in 2021.

13 June 2021

Are you auto dealer? Do you need to attract customers? So, read this article and implement it in your business.

If you have a car dealership, you should read this blog post and I guarantee that it will give a positive return at the end if you implement this strategy right in your company.  I am writing the 8 effective marketing tactics that impact your sales. 

1. Use Lead magnets and create a database of your potential customers. 

Lead magnets are effective tools in marketing communications to attract potential customers and draw them to your sales funnel.  Think about your customers and consider what they like!  These attractive lead magnets can be as following;

  1. Visit our car dealer and attend a test drive. Get branded  T-shirts and car perfume.
  2. Sign up for our web page, Facebook, or any other communication channel and get a 50$ discount for wheel repair service (of course you have to cooperate with local repair centers, etc.)
  3. Offer a discount for any services that you sell.

With these types of baits, you can get in contact with potential car buyers. After that, you may set goals such as inviting them to your auto dealership or making an appointment for a test drive. Remember the sales process is very complex and you cannot sell the car just by advertising it! Your job starts in the field. This tactic only helps you to bring your potential buyers to the field.  The rest of the things depend on your sales skills.

2. List your cars in popular listing pages based on the location of your business

There are some auto listing pages located on top of the google search engine.  Each of them has its own rules about the listing. But I found them useful for your dealership business.

Facebook marketplace

Try to respond to all calls of the customers and offer them special lead magnets to bring them to test drive! Again, in the field, everything depends on your sales skills.

3.Set up your business on google business, yelp, and other near me marketing portals.

When you decide to purchase a car probably, you are searching the car on google or looking for dealerships around you.  For this reason, you have to set up your google business and yelp pages for your dealership.  Try to post your new cars on the google business page, announce your campaigns to attract visitors and the most important step is to collect positive reviews about your dealership. 

4. Create positive reviews from customers. 

When your reviews on google, yelp, or other car listing pages are high probably the customers will call your business to negotiate. For this reason, work on marketing tactics that clients will write positive reviews about your dealership. 

For this reason, create merchandising materials and send them to your customers and kindly ask them to write reviews on listed web pages or in google business pages. 

This will help you to create positive relationship management with your potential clients.

5. Create a database of your existing customers. Send them new offers.

Always collect your existing customers’ contact information. This information is important as you can sell them new deals between 2-5 years. Always think about Apple! How they sell their iPhones.  They usually send their existing customers to upgrade their phones. Bring your old phone and get a new model for 200$ promotional credit. 

This is a wonderful strategy for your business too!  Ask your existing customers to bring their old cars to your dealership and give them better prices for new models.  Of course, you can sell that old model to new customers for a better margin!

6. Collaborate with car repair services such as oil change services, wheel repair, and so on.

Offer your new customer a welcome bonus in oil change, wheel repair, and even a special insurance discount. 

Collaborate with car repair companies and car insurance agencies for better deals to offer for your clients.  Offer your clients a better insurance price because they buy a car from your dealership. Or give them a coupon for 5 times oil change service for 50% discount in X repair service. Try to work with the clusters in your industries.  Remember tobacco users need lighters.  These products are complementary products.  Think about complementary products of the car trade! Does oil change, gas, wheels make sense?

7. Actively use social media. Create an auction by Facebook. Distribute merchandising materials.

Social media is an important tool in modern marketing. Especially, Facebook, Instagram, and clubhouse are popular at this time. Create Facebook campaigns, distribute merchandising materials in return for post share, post like. The same can be applied in Instagram too.

A clubhouse is a popular tool for engagement with your clients. Create the rooms about cars, make interesting topics about car trade, gather industry in this club. Or, sponsor the page where you believe your audience is actively listening to interesting topics at Clubhouse rooms. Pay for sponsorships.

8.Create visual merchandising at your auto dealership.

Think about visual merchandising tools at your dealership. You can decorate special prices with colorful balloons, create lightboxes at your dealership, and put posters around your dealership. Let the people know your business. The frequency of your traditional advertising materials will be high for the clients who live around your dealership. These audience-businesses, houses, etc. are very good targets for your dealership in terms of word of mouth. Try to invite them to your auto dealership.

BAT Traffic Digital Agency can help you formulate a better strategy for your dealership. You can give us a call or send an email for cooperation. 



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Digital marketing strategies for Auto dealers in 2021.

Are you auto dealer? Do you need to attract customers? So, read this article and implement it in your business.