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Yelp mesenger management that costs for 3 pizzas a day

Our dedicated team helps your business to respond to customer messages. It is always difficult to hire customer service for small companies. Usually, small business owners respond to customers. However, it is not always a good option for them to take care of customer service jobs, instead of management tasks.

16 hours of service

Our customer service is able to respond your customers during 16 hours. we start job at 8 am and end our service at 12pm.

Your customer response time will increase

We will response your customer queries during 20 minute. We know how to increase your response time metric.

We will set appointments for you

By converting inquires to real customers we will set them appointment. Your sales team only see the appointments and serve your customers.

Information gathering

We take product information and conversation script from you.

Customer service training

We train our staff about your product and services 

We manage your messenger

Trained staff receive messages from your customers and makes an appointment for your service 


We respond to all messages in time and this increases your Yelp response time.  Your business gradually goes up in Yelp's business listing.

Our dedicated team helps you to respond to your client's queries at Yelp.

Many of the small business owners like chimney cleaning, home cleaning, painters, auto services, and other small businesses in this category respond to Yelp messenger queries by themselves.  Hence, lack of time and late response increase response time, and Yelp takes your business to the bottom of the listing. 
Our team will respond to such queries fast and in time.  This service will decrease response time and make your business reliable and competitive in Yelp listings.

We can help you to respond to inquiries of your customer from Yelp and increase response time to be recommended for business. This service helps you to be on the top of the Yelp search list and being recommended more often by the Yelp platform. So having a faster response time result in you being recommended business on Yelp listings according to Yelp.

Prompt responses can mean more customers for your business
According to Yelp, customers contact businesses whose response rate is quick. So, usually, customers contact you at the moment they need your service and they expect prompt return by your business. If you respond to them for more than an hour you will lose those customers and waste your advertising budget. Generally, when a business’ response time is under one day, the chances of being contacted significantly increases.
Look at the following image. You can see that the business whose response time is 20 minutes listing above the same business whose response time is 3 hours.

We will help to respond to your customers between 20-40 minutes to help you grow and book appointments. Be sure! We will keep your customers and create valuable appointments.

Yelp recommends businesses to keep response time maximum below one day. We promise to do this.